Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own contractor?

Yes, all our customers bring their own contractors. You use Tailorbird to bid to your own contractors plus those contractors in our network.

Do Contractors like Tailorbird?

Contractors love Tailorbird because it reduces the amount of time to bid. This enables contractors to bid more competitively as well as to scale their businesses.

Can I use my own preferred vendors?

Yes, you have the option to lock the project with your own preferred vendors and pricing.

How accurate are the digital measurements?

The Tailorbird software has a 98.5% accuracy rate for measurements. They are used for take-offs and bidding. At the end of the RFP, the winning contractor is invited to walk the site to report any variances and take ownership of the quantities.

What type of construction are you focused on?

Tailorbird specializes in multifamily value-add renovations including unit interiors, club house and common areas. Tailorbird also accommodates simple non-structural changes and upgrades such as adding washers and driers.

Tailorbird specializes in multifamily value-add renovations including unit interiors, common areas, amenities, and exteriors. Tailorbird accommodates all the typical scope including adding washers and dryers and floorplan modifications.

What type of properties do you support?

We support garden style and mid-rise properties in both urban and suburban markets. Our projects have ranged from as small as 20 units to as large as 1,200 units with an average project size being 200-300 units. Our designs and specs are appropriate for properties ranging from Workforce housing to Class A properties. Tailorbird is operational in all 50 states.

How does Tailorbird work with Property Managers?

Property Managers join the Tailorbird project team. They provide inputs and review the RFP's. After the construction contract is signed, the Property Managers perform construction management.

How does Tailorbird make money?

Tailorbird takes a small fee from the winning contractor which is communicated upfront to all contractors before they bid.

Can you do new construction?

Currently we are not offering Tailorbird services for
new construction.

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