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Each property is unique. With so many stakeholders, budgeting, organizing and implementing a multifamily renovation takes too long.


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Problem #1 - Timeline

Speed Up ROI

Your number one goal is return on investment. With so many stakeholders involved in a multifamily renovation, inaccurate measurements, budget overages, and miscommunication all lead to delays.

Tailorbird holds value for every stakeholder with our "Speed-to-Market" technology.

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Problem #2 - Resource IntensivE

Save 500+ hours in

Like magic, Tailorbird technology makes those long hours disappear. Saving time saves money enabling you to do more deals and scale your business, no matter which side of the fence you're on.

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Tom Carpenter
Owner, RAMS Construction

"The RFP's on the job board are real jobs for real contractors, not silly software tools. The RFP's come fully loaded with take-offs, specs, SKU's, and design. It allows us to bid faster and to bid better."

Jordan Moss
CEO - Catalyst Housing Group

“Tailorbird allowed us to get 4 sets of transparent, fully leveled, hard bids a month before the close of acquisition. It’s a game changer that scales our operations so that we can focus on the next acquisition.”

Dave Denslow
Construction Manager, Avenue 5 Residential

"Tailorbird dramatically reduces the upfront time+risk of interior renovations. Scope & cost estimates are generated using Telsa-like vision of photos already on the internet. After the scope is tweaked, Tailorbird bids the project to contractors that we pre-approve and returns apples to apples leveled bids in about a week."

Nathan Smith
Construction Manager, Greystar

"We blind back tested Tailorbird against 2 GC’s who walked the site. The computer vision measurements were 99% accurate, and Tailorbird uncovered that one GC inflated based material by 8% and the other by 37%. It’s a revolutionary product for cost and op risk reduction."

Scaleable Ops

Tailorbird helps Property Owners, Contractors + Suppliers.

The benefits of using Tailorbird for a multifamily renovation to automate design & scoping decisions, measure the space remotely, and get fast fully-leveled hard-bids.

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Higher IRR


Lower Cost


Less Manual Errors


Faster Timeline

Tailorbird adds value for every Stakeholder

Design. Pre-construction. Renovation.

For Aquisitions

Increase IRR
Transparent Budgets

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For Operations

Reduce Menial Work
98.5% Accurate

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